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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nutrients needed for nuture

We talked about "teachable moments" some months ago...actually last year*. Indeed it's not one of the easiest skills to acquire. Put another way: "You cannot give what you don't have..."

From personal experience & other people's expression, I've come to the conclusion that:
"Your nature determines what nutrients you'll have (or even attract) for nuturing yourself and others." 
The point is your nature is progressive - you're not the same type of person you were a few years ago - and that's the product of the nutrients and nuturing you have recieved.

Sounds philosophical and you may or may not agree with me...but before you decide one way or the other, let's break the key words down first:
Nature: intrinsic qualities of something or somebody**

Nutrient is a nourishing substance: a substance that provides nourishment^, e.g. the minerals that a plant takes from the soil or the constituents in food that keep a human body healthy and help it to grow.***
^Nourish - has several meanings:
- give food to somebody or something: to give people, animals, or plants the substances they require to live, grow, or remain fit and healthy;
- support or foster something: to encourage or strengthen a feeling or idea;
- help something develop: to help something to grow or develop****

Nurture: means encourage somebody or something to flourish*****

They all work together and can either make or mar the quality (& output) of our lives. Unlike trees that are planted and can't move themselves, thankfully you can "relocate" yourself if you feel that the environment and/or relationships you find yourself in are not giving you the right nutrients to nurture you into success. Another angle to this is having the "Courage to Leave"***** and go to a place you will not just survive but thrive. We all need to be courageous enough to leave or to stay just to get all the right nutrients. God bless


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