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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Church is such a great place...well at least the church I attend is - if you can't say the same thing about yours. I'm always so amused and sadly amazed at how many "servants" we have in the church that don't realize or may realize but don't care that the word "servant" was derived from or is an extension of the word "serve." 

So let's take a step back to find out what the word "serve" means - we may then be in a better position to take large strides forward and do what we should all be doing. A friend of mine said:
"If everyone does what they should be doing, Jesus will come sooner than later" - now that's not just something to think's something to act upon.

It's great to see how eager some people, including children, are to put their hands to the work. In fact sometimes, there's a "tussle" over the broom. If you are a believer, you are saved to serve not to be served. So as we get ready to step into a new year, I encourage you to check whether you're wearing an apron or a bib.* Bibs are easily outgrown - and should be. Wear an apron next year. 


One for each day...

2 years ago, my husband and I were looking for games for our children and we saw one that said: "Over 365 puzzles! That's more than a puzzle every day for a full year!" When I read it I said to my husband, "Imagine this - they expect children to play games every day of the year?"

The question that comes to mind from this on this last day of the year is - "Did you play at all or any day of this year that is about to disappear?" Put differently, "how much quality and fun time did you spend with your family?" Those who know me know that I'm not one for all those electronic or video games. Our children finally have DSs - several years after their peers.

I believe that some of those electronic games are too introverted so my husband and I have taken time to teach them and play some interactive games we grew up playing such as Ayo (see above) and the WHOT card game. It's also been nice to see how they reach for them or other more "conventional" ones like Ludo or Monopoly when children visit our home. I sometimes see the children look around for wires or cables to a game box/console which are visibly absent in our home...and we like it that way.

One thing that does exist in our home, in between all the home work and things, including chores, that have to be done, is a lot of light-heartedness and laughter. We do our best to have "play time." For your sake and your child(ren)'s, please include "play-time" with you on your "To dos" list.

Wishing you an amazing year ahead - filled with much laughter and joy all around. God bless.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


It's 25 years to the day since my mother passed. "Wow!" is the word that best fits how I feel.

As I look back, I'm pleasantly surprised and eternally grateful for how God has carried my siblings and I on eagle's wings. He has taken such good care of us - and even raised many others to be there for us. It's been a World of Wonders for me in so many ways. So yes WoW! indeed.

For a few months after my Mum passed, I was in a daze and even lost my sparkle and laughter. God blessed me with brethren and friends who were there for me - not offering any solutions - just supportive shoulders which was all I needed. I'm sure they prayed for me in secret too.

I never imagined I'd be where I am today or accomplished half of what I've accomplished. And to think that I'm not even half-way through fulfilling my purpose in life - all I can say is "Wow!"
I guess it's a testimony to the wonderful mother I had. She truly believed in me and made me understand that I could be whoever I wanted to be. She reminded me that it's who I am (& have) on the inside that matters and I'm so glad that I found the "Who" that truly matters early in life.

I can't say that I agreed with all her methods and mandates at the time but now it all makes sense. She exemplified what Proverbs 13:24 (one of my favourite verses) says: 
A refusal to correct is a refusal to love; love your children by disciplining them. (The Message)

She applied this verse not just to my siblings and I, but to every child in her sphere of influence. Talking about her sphere of influence, she was an influential woman - warrants another Wow! 
She once told me that her colleagues at work used to call her "Shepherd."

I couldn't agree more with them - it was an apt "title" for her. She "carried," cared and catered for so many people. In fact, she has been irreplaceable in my extended family even 25 years later.

I really miss my Mum...I don't cry or grieve as much as I used to and then there are those trigger events including people's behaviors towards their parents that grieve me. If and when I grieve these days,  it's mostly from a point of gratitude. Did you say "Wow!"? Well, I'm so grateful to God that He deemed me worthy of having such a Woman of Wonder (WoW) as my Mother.

I pray that I can be as good and even a better Mum than she help me God. AMEN!