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Friday, September 23, 2016

Act equal

This is piece* below I found by happenstance...I decided to do an Internet on my name and found a piece I wrote in 2011. I cannot even remember doing this - no idea why I even wrote it - but it was credited to me so I might as well share it and my additions to (in italics) it exactly 5 years later with you. I've also added a picture.

The key to acting equal is first realizing that we are all equal. Then applying the golden rule to treat others as we would want to be treated. When we do this to each other irrespective of gender or race, we will jointly be making a difference where we are.

Personally, one of the challenges I see is that some women do not "think equal" and too easily resign themselves. In addition to expecting the world to come up with initiatives to help women, women need to make things happen for themselves.

One of the low-hanging fruits for me, especially since I'm blessed among men, is ensuring that my sons have the same "home-training" as a girl would. All those who are blessed with male and female children and let the boys "out of the kitchen" are perpetuating the age-old "inequality." We have a chance to break that cycle and make sure our sons are as equipped as our daughters and vice versa.

Our daughters must also have the same educational opportunities as our sons - a wise person once said "an educated woman is an educated family" and I'd add "an educated family leads to an educated nation." When we raise our children to live a gender equality life, we will have changed this suboptimal equilibrium. We will indeed be the change we want to see (like Mahatma Gandhi said). Ladies, we have a key role in making this happen - for ourselves and for generations to come.

So rather than sit around (on your hands) complaining about the lack of equality, rise up, do your part and ensure equality in your home. The seeds you sow in those within your circle of influence will definitely have a ripple effect.

* - published 23 September 2011