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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Diamonds in the Desert

I once read a book, which I recommend to everyone, titled “The Dream Giver” The book assures us that the desert experience is real, but that it almost always accomplishes great things in our lives. The book provides insights and practical solutions for getting past the desert experience. The authors give examples of people in the Bible who have spent years in the desert or wasteland, where God sharpened the skills they needed for the attainment of their Dreams. Moses was one, Joshua was one, King David was another one, and Joseph yet another. Joseph learned to manage Potiphar's household, and then the jail he was thrown into, before he was ready to manage the land of Egypt, and these are examples to remember when we feel defeated by the dryness of our circumstances, should we be wandering in that desert, and most of us have spent time there. In the desert, there is training for reigning and there are a few things that can help when we face the desert and it feels endless…
  1. "count it all joy," press your way through trusting through, remember where your at now, isolate yourself in the main areas where your trust in the Lord needs to grow. Ask yourself a question. What in your Dream do you doubt the Lord about right now?
  2. Install a few safety nets beneath you to encourage and protect you when you feel like giving up on the call the Dream Giver in your life. Be around friends that help you through the desert experiences.
  3. Increase the amount of time you spend with the Dream Giver Devote more time than usual reading and studying the Bible. Focus on Exodus, Joshua and Psalms. You'll be amazed how often times you will find your answer you are looking for.
  4. Ask the Lord for wisdom that he promised to give to all who ask in Faith. Pray about what troubles you most. And keep a spiritual journal during desert seasons. Work through your questions, emotions, and insights on paper with the Dream Giver.
  5. Install the commitment deep in your heart that you won't turn back, no matter how long or hard or painful the path through the wilderness may be. Hold on to this key truth: "Now the just shall live by faith; but if any man draws back, my soul has no pleasure in him."
Each of us will definitely have a desert or waste land experience where our leadership skills can be put to the test and we can break through into our great dreams. Find your diamonds in your desert, for they are there…!!!

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