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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Weeding Anniversary

Last year I was typing a text to wish someone a "Happy Wedding Anniversary". For those who are familiar with the T9 (prediction text) function on mobile phones, when keying in the word "wedding" the first option that came up was "weed" then when I added the "ing" it changed to "wedding. I found that very insightful and it gave me something to think about - and now something to share.

From time to time, and especially at our wedding anniversary, my husband and I take some time to assess our marriage. We ask ourselves how we are doing and if we are progressing as individuals, a couple, a family and especially as Christians. We do our best to be "naked and not ashamed" in our assessment...I mean what would we gain by lying to each other? Most likely unfulfilled dreams and God-given purposes - God forbid!

When the T9 incident happened - it struck me that we should make it a habit to identify and uproot weeds from our hearts, lives and marriages. Remember the piece on beautiful weeds*?

Put differently, one thing we must all avoid in our marriages is "sweeping things under the carpet". It is dangerous because someday, one or both of you will trip over the bulge - with unpleasant results. You don't need to wait for your wedding anniversary to uproot weeds...
you can start today.

Allow me to wish you a successful and Happy "Weeding" - whenever you decide to start...

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