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Saturday, March 2, 2013

What a great idea!

The first week of this year I listened to a piece of news that was the best I'd heard in a while...

It was nice to watch the process on TV - however I found the article so you can read it for yourself so we're all on the same page:

What would you do if the government of where you live starts charging you for food wastage? Ouch! Did I touch a nerve? I'm irritated not to mention annoyed when I see food being wasted. I'm sure a number of people - adults and children alike - see me as "Food Police" - and so be it.

Late last year at a get-together, a child very "innocently" asked me: "Please where is the trash?" Just as I pointed it out, my antenna went up and from nowhere I asked: "Why do you need it?" When I saw why I "arrested" the situation immediately by saying, "sit down & finish your food." The child said he was full hence the bin, I said "Take it to your mother & tell her what I said."

Sadly, too many of us are very comfortable with food wastage. I squirm in my seat when we visit families and see plates with food emptied into the trash. However, I take a stand and resist it when they want to extend that "allowance" to my children. I insist that my children finish the food in their plate or take it home with us - and finish it there when they have more space in their tummy.

How would you feel if you visit someone you sent a gift to and see them throwing it away? When you think about it, throwing food away is exactly the same as throwing a gift away. What a paradox to start a meal with a prayer of thanksgiving e.g. "Lord, thank You for this meal You have provided for us. May it strengthen and nourish us" and then end the meal with an attitude of "Thanks but no thanks."

I wonder if "re-introducing" this prayer/song a number of us may have learnt as children would help us put things in perspective:

Some have food but cannot eat
Some can eat but have no food
We have food and we can eat
Glory be to Thee oh Lord. Amen!
We donot need to suffer lack to appreciate what we have (or had) been blessed with. I pray that each of us will live and act with an attitude of gratitude in every area of our lives. God bless.

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