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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Get some donkeynality

When I added the last question to the "Tale of 2 donkeys"* I quickly asked myself:  "Really?"

The major thing I seem to remember about donkeys from my childhood is that they are "Beasts of Burden." Remembering it made me ask: "Wait a minute - did I just set myself up?" Afterall, Prov 6:2 which I like quoting tells us that:
"You might [or will] get trapped by what you say;
you might [or will] be caught by your own words [or what you say]."
(Expanded Bible)

Wisdom demands I acquire knowledge so I'm better aware of what I'm getting myself into - hence this piece on "donkeynality." What else would you call a donkey with "personality"? :)

I found a few desirable donkwalities from various sources** - my comments are in brown:
  1. Donkeys are slow to show pain and discomfort i.e. they have a high pain threshold.  Interpretation: We should be tolerant and not easily offended. Too many of us are quick to take and even transfer offence. Do you know that the only person who is held hostage when you hold on to offence is you? Well, that's the truth and one that should make us more tolerant and forgiving. I'm not saying you should ignore pain or hurt - acknowledge and talk about it with the "offender" (if you must) but most importantly, just forgive*** and move on... There's much more to life than that offence that I know!
  2. The attributes we assign to a donkey being stubborn and having a lack of intelligence are actually from their natural responses to new experiences and logical interpretation of a situation. A donkey will take time study any new situation. It tends to think independently, confront challenges and push back rather than yield to pressure. Hmmm - this sounds a bit familiar. We're quick to interprete other people's behaviour - especially from first impressions without getting to know them better. Ability to resist negative pressure is definitely something I want to be known for. I regularly prophesy over my children that they will not yield to peer pressure; rather they will be "positive pressure to their peers." Thanks for joining me to say "Amen!"
  3. Donkeys are very social animals and will benefit tremendously from the companionship of other animals, such as horses, cattle, sheep or goats. The Bible encourages us to be friendly and go beyond that to be burden bearers.^ Though not easy, I've found it is always rewarding to obey God. It's great to be an extension of Him - with supporting shoulders and helping hands. Even at that God doesn't leave us without help. He expects us to have some boundaries which is why a few verses later He says: "Each person must be responsible for himself [will carry their own load]."^
  4. A donkey is stronger than a horse the same size as it. We must never let anyone look down on us because of how we look. Remember: "you are of God [you belong to Him] and have [already] defeated and overcome them [the agents of the antichrist], because He Who lives in you is greater (mightier) than he who is in the world."^^
There is so much we can learn from donkeys - here are 2 posts you can start with:

With what I now know, I choose to sing:
I have decided to be a "donkey,"
I have decided to be a "donkey,"
I have decided to be a "donkey"
to God's glory, to God's glory.

^ Gal 6: 2 & 5 - 2 By helping each other with your troubles [bearing each other’s burdens], you truly obey [accomplish; fulfill] the law of Christ. Each person must be responsible for himself [will carry their own load]. (Expanded Bible)
^^ 1 John 4:4 - Amplified

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