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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some more about Purse-onality...

Recently, I was thinking about buying a new purse and it occured to me that our career &/or calling in life have a big part to play in our choice of purses. I'll explain...
If you are a professional woman, your job may have some unwritten or even written dress codes that touch on the kind of purse you are expected to carry around. I notice that a lot of professional-looking women carry laptop bags as purses. I'm not sure they do that to give the impression that they have their work with them wherever they go because I notice that some of the purses don't seem to have a laptop in them or whether they don't really know the difference and just see those laptop bags as nice big purses...well, who am I to judge their preferences?

The point here is your purse-onality may very well be dictated by your environment more than you know or care to admit. Have you ever bought a purse because it seems to be the "in-thing" or because it's on sale? I've seen people buy more than one colour of the same design of purse because it's on sale or "in style". If you ask me, those are the wrong reasons for buying least for me they are 2 of my 5 top wrong reasons for buying anything.

You may also be like some ladies who want to keep their your hands free but keep a close eye on their purse while at it - especially when travelling - then the choice may be a sling bag. When looking for a picture, I found one that was described as an "anti-theft sling bag"-makes sense.

Then of course, we need to consider convenience and comfort.
Those two "C"s mean different things to people...

For one lady, "convenience" could be the ease of putting things in your purse without worrying about its exact spot, while for another it is the ease of taking things out of your purse without having to look for it i.e. a place for everything and everything in its place (sound familiar?)

Personally, in trying to balance my need for convenience and comfort, I've tried purses with several to many compartments and some with few to none. With the purse that had few/no compartments, everything went into the "belly of the bag". On the one hand it was so convenient to drop things into it on the go but almost confusing (& sometimes annoying) to look for something on the my ringing phone. With compartmentalized purses, I had to come up with methods of organising each purse depending on how many and where the compartments were and yet, sometimes had to look for things. Have you ever had to pour out everything in your purse just to locate something that you either put in the "belly of the bag" or in the "pocket of the purse"?

I'm at the point where I really don't know what the right level of compartmentalization is to achieve both convenience and comfort but I definitely do not recommend buying more purses under the guise of trying to determine that. You can make your purses work for you...the key is to be content and make the best use of what you have. Don't be like the woman in the cartoon=>

Purse-watching can be can learn a thing or two. There are so many tips on what to do and what not to do...the secret is in looking and learning. I pray you have enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it...maybe like me you'd be asking:
What is my purse-onality?
What are my purses saying to me?
What are my purses saying about me?
Who can I bless with a purse or more this year?
You may be surprised by your answers to the first three can and will also (pleasantly) surprise at least 1 person if you act on the last question -
I believe that you can bless at least 1 person with a purse. God bless

P.S. After (or while) reading this series, did you realize that there is some math at work here?
Purse preferences + Personality = Purse-onality (talk about compound words)

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