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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The colour of your purse-onality

Another aspect of purse-onality is the colours of purses. Years ago, I was a one-purse fact I loved every bag once it was black. Yes, black was (& still is) beautiful for several reasons...

For starters, it’s a neutral colour and will go with any and every outfit. I didn’t believe there was any reason to move things from one purse to another just because it needed to match with my shoes. Who said shoes and purses had to match? In fact, who was looking at me anyway? (I got the answer to that question later)
The second reason is: it is dark enough not to be stained...or tainted by dirt or dust - which almost makes it ageless. If and when it ages (and if you must), it's easy to get the right colour of polish - for the edges at least...if you decide not to buy another black bag to replace it.
And then...I met Beryl (another of my best friends); she was (and still is) always so colour-coordinated - don't know how she does it. So I decided to try it out...tried to get more bags to go with my black, brown and navy blue shoes - well who needs more than 3 colours of shoes? Clothes can always be made to fit the accessories - won't you agree? I know more ladies do it the other way around - I guess that's why I'm so unique.  Ok back to purses...
Well, I tried changing bags to match my shoes (& outfit) but it didn’t work out. I kept forgetting things in the "other" I gave up. I then decided that it might work to have a two-tone bag – yes those popular brown and black bags - rather than sticking with just plain black bags. And really why do you need a navy blue bag when wearing black shoes? (By the way, I know that they are different colours.) Most of us only carry our bags to work and then lock it up for safe-keeping until it's time to go home - at least I do, so I tried 2-tone. I then realized that shade of brown didn't quite go with my brown shoes - so another idea on the shelf or is it into my closet. Then when I got married, I started the cycle all over again... 
So I've decided that my purse-onality confirms that I'm:
  • accomodating - 2-tone bags;  
  • considerate - bags that match my footwear;
  • stable and simple - plain black bags; and
  • vibrant and exciting- multi-coloured bags.
I realise that for some people, maybe especially ladies, multi-coloured bags would be "multi-bags of different colours" - well, that's not what I mean - remember, I'm a one purse/bag lady? 
Talking about ladies with the "multi-bags of different colours"  purse-onality, I decided to look around for various colours of was fun collecting these. There are some of them I admire and know I'd never carry. Some others I wonder about - I mean, what was the intention of buying that purse...maybe to match ONE pair of shoes? Wow - that is quite the reason - but a valid reason for a lot of ladies as I've come to find out. When you think about it, you can actually buy many colours of purses and they'll all match your black pairs of shoes (and even some brown ones). I can almost hear some ladies asking me if I've never heard the hymn: "All things bright and beautiful...the Lord God made them all." I have not jsut heard it, but live to sing it and I know, for sure, that the hymn doesn't say: "All things bright and must (buy or) have them all."

I can almost say I understand bright purses - but what's with the white purses? Ok - enough about colours, let's go a step far, we've talked about purse contents-and-compartments combo and purse colours. What about what we use to carry them  i.e. the number of straps or even the lack of straps?
Guess what? That's the next "C"...
Any idea what the "C" word would be?
Well, I'll race you to the next posting.
You're welcome to post your thoughts.
Would be great to read from you.
Ready? Set!! Let's go...

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