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Friday, October 22, 2010

What's your purse-onality? (2)

Talking some more about purses and purse-onality, have you noticed that some ladies have practically anything you'll need in their purses. It's almost like an overnight bag - hmm does that mean they are prepared to spend the night wherever? I don't think so and definitely hope not. Well, when you ask them the last time they used an item e.g. that sewing kit, the response is "you never know when it could come in handy." Again that is so true - but your shoulders and back may not agree with you.

Some ladies' personality of being in control - having all they need and not needing anyone shows in the sizes and contents of their purses. This is not to say you should stop carrying "stuff" around - just try to determine and carry only what is essential. Did I just "hear" you say: "Everything in my purse is essential?" I understand how you feel - that's what I've been trying to get my husband to understand too... Personally, my purse is filled with stuff - I'm not even sure what I log around but I carry them because I believe someone could need them. So who made me the Defender, or is it the Provider, of the universe?

I had a reality check recently - one of my colleagues whose purse was stolen said: "you would be surprised to find out what is actually essential after your purse or wallet has been stolen!" God forbid! Yes, God forbid but let us reconsider what we carry around so we do not become easy targets. To put the incident in perspective, when discussing with her, she told me that she only set her purse down because of how heavy it was....

Now each time I see someone with a cute or compact  purse, I admire their ability to "live light" - I also wonder how they cope or shall I say how they are able to put all they need into that "tiny" purse. Maybe those are the ladies who trust God to provide for their needs (& wants) through those of us with big purses - just teasing - but I trust you get the point!

Appreciating that we are all entitled to our preferences and purse-onality, the point of this piece is to cause us to think about the rest of our bodies - arms, shoulders and backs - when you load that purse (& its pockets). There are healthier ways of working out than weighing yourself down with a heavy purse...

I was curious to find out if other people give any thought to what purses we carry and what they "say" about who we are some interesting pieces. What do you think?

Like me, you may not agree with some or all of them - it's ok to agree to disagree. The point is people are watching (& as always, judging) us by our purses. It's almost as if you say who you are by the purse you carry and possibly what it contains. Talk about purse (or is it "buddy") language? Well, I have a personal attachment to my purse - it's just like a buddy sometimes - always available to support me.

So, did I just "catch" you reviewing your various purses or your only purse and wonder: "Hmm so that's what some people think?" Would be interesting if our purses/handbags are considered during job interviews - now that is another day's we may never tell.

Well this is a good point to change gears and move on to the next "C" of purses (& purse-onality). Who knows, this "C" may also be considered at just never know.

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