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Friday, August 10, 2012

A bit about love...

Looking through some of my old stuff, I found these 3 statements on love by Jesse Duplantis:

Love is far too amazing and too good to be kept as a private possession.

Learn to be generous with it to yourself and others.

What love is, hate can never be...

Love is a central part of our lives and we must get (& give) it right in order to have a good quality life.

I'll never forget this song by B.J. Thomas: "Using things and loving people."* One of the lines in the song says: "loving thing and using people always leads to misery."

God shed His love in our hearts so we share it with others - not with things...

A bit of love will make a big difference in many lives. Spread His love and spread the word!


P.S. Just researching some more  and found out that BJ Thomas turned 70 a few days ago...

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