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Sunday, March 18, 2012


This won't be my first time* (& definitely not my last time) of talking about this.

We must all be aware of "A-Dress" - it always comes back to the way we are dressed.

3 weeks ago, I watched part of the 2012 Oscars and I cannot begin to put words to how I felt when I saw the way some people dressed. A few days later, I read some of the comments about a particular person's dress or shall I say lack of it - and I got an eyeful of comments.

A wise man, Bishop David Oyedepo, said:

"Dress the way you want to be addressed."

There is no shortcut in this, you may have noticed a change in the way you are "treated" in the same place when you change the way you are dressed. I remember going to the store and because I was appropriately dressed in jeans, I was treated "casually." Another time I happened to be in a suit, it was all different. I even remember getting smiles, and nods of I'd say, admiration whenever I go the store in a native attire - because I look unique...and nice.

Now, I'm not trying to come up with a "shopping" dress code - all I'm saying is take a good look in the mirror before you step out. You know "respectable" when you see it so let's trust your judgement. Another example that comes to mind is watching sessions at the UN - everyone there is always so "respectably" dressed. Now, let me take a step back to state that:
  1. Your clothes don't have to be expensive for you to be elegant.
  2. If you are exposed i.e. enlightened & educated, you will not expose your body.
  3. A-dress makes a difference in the way you are addressed...and that varies from dress to dress, so be deliberate in each dress you choose to buy or accept and wear.
When you pick out the next dress/outfit you want to wear (or buy) ask the Holy Spirit for guidance...He's the best Person to "suit" you up to look good for God. I'm not saying that you should always wear suits - I'm just saying wear what "suits" who you are:
the King's Daughter.

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