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Thursday, March 1, 2012

A letter to my Daughter

12 June 2009

My Dear Dumebi
You turned 10 in March 2009 (exactly 3 months ago), so you're graduating from little childhood to big childhood. Soon, much sooner than your Daddy and I can imagine, you will be a young woman. While you're still listening, then, here are some graduation advice, free of charge.

You are energetic, curious and sweet-spirited (like Me) and serious-minded and determined (like your Daddy). Give your strengths and weaknesses to God, and He will use them to make something beautiful, as He made you.

You inherited a love of reading from Grandma and Grandpa. While you read through your academic and fiction books, please make the Word of God your daily companion. Many of the greatest missionaries first heard God's gentle call at your age.

You have a love and talent for music, cherish it always, and use it to praise the Lord wherever you go. You may not remember scales and finger exercises with particular fondness, but never forget that J.S. Bach, the master of sublime harmony, wrote every note to the glory of God.

You have a natural flair for arts and craft, never give it up, seek ways to develop it. It is great to express love and God’s creative power in you through the things that you can create with your heart and hands. It is an amazing gift.

Become a follower of Jesus Christ because you want to – not because your Dad and I want you to. There is no such thing as inherited faith. Most young girls fall out of the Christian faith because they're looking for something "bigger, better and more exciting." Don't be one of them! A superb relationship with Jesus offers everything a girl can ever ask for or desire.

Do not waste time being anxious or fearful about the present, the future or anything else. It's a scary world out there, for sure, but God controls time and eternity. Take one day at a time, and trust Him. To do otherwise is to dishonor and disobey the Lord, who said, "It is I; be not afraid."

You are coming of age in an evil time. Powerful and influential forces are conspiring to steal your innocence, undermine your faith, and destroy your life. We can't protect you from all of them, especially as you get older, but God can. Hold fast to Him.

Embrace God's passion and compassion for the world. Be in the world without being of it, as Jesus prayed (John 17). Always seek ways to become a part of what God is doing to bring the people of the world unto Himself.

Love your sister and brother, for in them you will find good friends to support you and great cheerleaders to sing your praise. Only love and care can produce love and respect. Do not lose their trust, friendship and support.

I wish you could stay just like you are forever and ever – running downstairs (sometimes) when I come home to hug me, kiss me and tell me all about your day. Mums always feel that way about their daughters. But I know your Father in heaven has great plans and adventures in mind for you in the years to come. I hope I can be a part of some of them.

Keep this letter and look at it once in awhile. Remember my dreams for you, and imagine how much greater God's dreams for you must be. I'll be praying for you.

Lots of Love,

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