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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Not really"...

...was my mind's response to my mind saying "It's the thought that counts." Ok I wasn't playing mind games - let me tell you what was going on.

I was packing my things and realized that I had packed more than 2 sets of Exercise clothes. Then I thought to myself: "If only I had exercised half as much as I packed for..." then my mind's response was: "It's the thought that counts." That was when my mind said emphatically: "Not really." And really, "not really." Talk about "Me," "Myself," and "I" having a conversation.

As I reflected on this while typing this piece up, I wondered how often we take the easy way out to avoid taking action in various areas of our lives. Exercise and dieting are easy targets for this "path-of-least-resistance" but I can think of other areas of life including Self Development and I'm also guilty of this one. I'm sure we can go on and you'll have examples of your own. I'll just end this post by saying:

The best of intentions are not sufficient.
We must take action to get the best of and from our "best" intentions.

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