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Saturday, April 16, 2016

See you alter today

You know, over and over again, the Lord reminds me of how important it is to read over what I write – since spell check is not fool-proof. I don’t always remember to do so but I’m slowly earning to “slow down” a bit because “speed kills.” J

A few months ago, I was typing up an email and my intention was to type: “See you later today” and it came out as “See you alter today.” Can you imagine if the note went to someone who was older (or higher in position) than me or to anyone for that matter – how disrespectful it would have been!  I mean even if I really wanted the person to alter themselves or dare them to alter the day, which wasn't the case, there must be a better way to tell the person.

Interestingly, while this post was still in the making, I saw another interesting spell-check failure.
The title of message was preached was "Wired to be More than a Conqueror" when written down it showed up as  "Weird to be More than a Conqueror." Did you notice how much the letters moved around - and once again totally changed the intention of the statement?

I sure can't overemphasize the need to read what you've written and not rely on Spell-check.
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