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Monday, October 31, 2011


Today, I'm writing one of my spur-of-the-moment posts.

I woke up this morning and realized that with how much my spirit and eyes have been harrassed in recent weeks just because of this day that I needed to speak up.

If you live in the Western World, you may already know that today is Halloween.

So much has been written about the origins and rebranding of this day. I'm not going to rehash it - the bottom line is this is from the pit of hell if you ask me. One of my son's when asked why he doesn't participate in Halloween said: "It's the devil's birthday." Well put.

I am pleased that people are waking up to the depth of evil unleashed on this day - especially at night. Last week on the news, they were discussing the costumes and said schools are banning scary outfits and encouraging people to wear caring outfits. Even worse, I've heard that a Christian once said, my child will dress like an sad. Maybe that parent didn't know that the Bible tells us that the devil even has the "angel of light"* costume. The bottom line is changing the form does not change the foundation.

Someone was suggesting that churches have programmes today so our children do not feel that they are missing something. That is definitely the wrong "solution." We must know how to, and also teach our children by example how to, say "No" to the pleasures of sin.** We do not do things to "fit in" or make others happy - we do things to fit into God's will and bring Him pleasure. You'll notice that I've decided not to defile this gift from God with pictures.

Now, I've taken the first step to tell you where I stand on this day - I pray this will encourage you to be courageous enough to take the right stand which I pray includes not taking some things e.g halloween candy, into your home and heart... God bless you today and always.

*2 Cor 11:14a - Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. (NLT)
**Heb 11:25

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