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Friday, October 7, 2011

Know your "wow"...

Everyone is unique - that's how God created us - so we're useful as we fill the spot He created us to fill. In being unique, we all need to realize that what works for one person may not work for another person. So  we each need to know our weapons of warfare ("wow" aka areas of strength) and of course our weaknesses. Let's learn from 3 people:

Moses needed only God and the rod in his hand to accomplish great things before Pharaoh and before the Israelites. Note that he already had the rod before he met the Lord. It was only transformed into a "wow" with God's wonder power. Don't look down on things you have.

In Judges 15: 15 -19, Samson only needed God and the jawbone of a donkey to defeat 1,000 Philistines. The most unlikely thing around him - the jawbone of a donkey - was his wow. We must be careful not to look down on the things around us...some have value within them.

In David's case, he needed only God and the sling and 5 smooth stones, not Saul's armour, to defeat Goliath. He wisely turned down Saul's offer of a "bigger", more contemporary and definitely more sophisticated weapon.

Likewise, we need to identify and stick with the weapon(s) God has given us realizing that it may be conventional or unusual and could be:
  1. something we already have -with  or within us
  2. something around us - possibly lying idle
  3. something we need to look for
Most importantly, God is the only constant. Our wows will vary depending on the circumstance - God never changes and cannot fail, simply because He doesn't know how to.

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