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Friday, October 21, 2011

Stick with it!

I saw a great quote that set me thinking. First the quote then my thoughts...

Consider the postage stamp:
its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.
~Josh Billings

Those who know me know that I like starting things...I just get a thrill thinking about how to kick off something God places in my heart - just ask my husband about that. Indeed, I'm an infectiously Self-motivated, Enthusiastic, Lively and Fun person to be around. I enjoy being my "SELF-self". I'm also good at getting others to want to or even actually join the "train" or support the move into the "new". My challenge has been with staying on the train to the "end..."

So when I found this quote, I took it personally because at this time in my life I've been asking myself, how long I intend to stick with blogging for. I mean, what will I do if or shall I say, when the "excitement" wanes? I mean, how do I know that I'm not "wasting" my time? The Holy Spirit keeps assuring me that I'm investing my time in what He has called me to and that there will always be something to write about. So I intend to hold Him to that promise...

He also led me to look for a picture of a postage stamp for this posting and guess what I found? Obviously I found many stamps... including one of Ethel Payne who was honoured by being put on a US postage stamp.
In spite of challenges she faced & criticism she received, which goes without saying, she stuck with one thing - journalism - right to the end.

Now that is a second reason why I've decided to stick with blogging - and everything else God puts on my plate. No - not to be put on a postage stamp...stamps only go so far or last so long. I want to leave a legacy... I want to be an example and inspiration for generations to come. Ultimately, I want to go "up" in history as someone stuck with their assignment to God's glory.

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