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Thursday, July 21, 2011

It’s about why you were born...

...not how you were born or your childhood. 

I read an article titled “Born to Race”* that was both heart-warming and heart-wrenching at the same time. It was an interview with Anne Wafula-Strike whose autobiography is titled “In my dreams I dance.”

Now Anne is like Nick in some ways and yet they are different. Remember Nick? We talked about him last year - see: and

Anne had so much to say about her life and ambition. Talking about “how” she was as a child, she said: “Life was very difficult for me as a child with polio, the more so because I’m also female. However, I never let my disability stop me from achieving my goals in life...”* Now this is someone who was not born this way and yet she didn’t let that get in her way.

I’ve heard people blame their lack of achievement to “how” or even “where” they were born. In fact, when they are not throwing a “pity party”, they are blaming everyone else but themselves for everything that seems to go wrong in their lives. That is definitely the wrong way to make the most of your life and a sure way of making the worst of your life. No thanks!

You were born for more than you currently are...I know that that is a tall order for some. When you think about it to reach higher and further you literally need to be “taller” – excuse the pun. You have to have you eyes and heart focussed on higher and better purposes beyond your past and even your present. My husband usually says that your future is better and greater than your past and present combined - and that's so true.

Just look at Anne. When she got married, she was told that she would not be able to have children...then one year after their marriage, she had their son. To deal with “Mummy Tummy” (like some of us need to) and other bounties of pregnancy, she started training in a wheelchair. Now her eyes, heart and mind are set on the 2012 Paralymic Games. Can you beat that?

She has used every “brick” thrown at her to build the steps to her goals in life. That’s definitely a principle we must all adopt. So it’s up to you and I to discover why we were born and use all the bricks that get thrown at us to build our way to our God-given destiny. There is obviously not stopping Anne - because of all the steps she's taking (excuse the pun again).

Like they say: “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade” - and I’ll add “and share it with those around you.” You can always make something sweet and meaningful out of your life and you’ll even have something to share. Have a progressive party – not a pity party. You were born to be better and greater than who you are today – get “taller” and reach higher. Take the bricks, build the steps and step up... Remember it's all about "WHY" you were born.

*msafiri - July/August 2011, page 22 (Edition 76).