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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rules of the Roof...

Recently my colleagues and I were discussing eating habits. One of my colleagues who is trying to lose weight in every way possible was telling us about how much she dislikes vegetables and is looking for palatable presentations of vegetables - because she knows (and appreciates) why she just has to have veggies. She jokingly said her dislike for veggies was all because she was forced to eat veggies as a child. So parents/caregivers, please listen up...

I shared how it works in our home. My hub and I have "waiting power" - we can wait our children out to finish the veggies/food in their plate. The other option they have is to refrigerate what they don't want to eat (at that time) and eat it for their next meal - for as long as it hasn't gone bad and we make sure it doesn't go bad.

When other children visit, they understand and, to the surprise of their parents, comply with the "rules of the roof" they are under at the time. Likewise, when we visit others, we respect & comply to their rules except we're asked to take an unhealthy or sinful bend.

Is your home one where everything goes? I hope your answer is "No." When you think about it, "No" is a very valuable word - especially when we say "No" to things that do not help us up but rather pull us down. I know it takes courage to say "No" without feeling guilty - now that is another topic by itself that cuts across all spheres of life.

The bottom line is:
The "Rules of the Roof" need to be clear - there are things that are acceptable in our home and others that may be permitted and some that are not even condoned. What are yours?

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