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Friday, July 1, 2011

Deal-icious or Death-icious?

Welcome to the "tomorrow" we referred to yesterday...A few yesterdays ago, my eyes caught an ad for a sandwich - part of its caption said it is "Deal-icious." After looking at the content - egg, bacon, cheese etc. - I asked do they really mean "death-icious"?

There are so many catchy ads and phrases that draw people to food and many other things. The question I suggest you ask your self when the item on display is: "Is this really deal-icious" or "death-icious"? Let's think of one obvious example, eating the sandwich with egg, bacon, cheese and more. How can that be a "deal" when it is adding to your cholesterol level?

You know, it's not everything that looks or is yummy that's good for your tummy let alone other parts of your body. I know a number of us are "blessed" with what some people refer to as "Mummy tummy" and some others know (& live) the really meaning of "from the lips to the hips." The question I ask myself (& now you) is how much of that "excess" is evidence of "success"? Some excesses are simply unhealthy and tending towards deadly especially in this age where the politically correct term for fat people is "obese" - now don't get me started on what I think about that. Can you believe that some of us are raising a generation that has a disease (diabetes) that their grandparents and ours never had - all because we let them go and grow with the "yummy" stuff? The flip side: "What do your children see you eat?"

This is not the first, not will it be the last time, that we'll say:
"It takes a conscientious decision and a conscious effort to eat right."
If you eat will flow to your family. A lot of the money "donated" to gyms can be saved or donated to other causes if we all eat right. Exercise is good and important but it's a vicious cycle if you don't eat right and then go to the gym to try to get your weight right.

The virtuous cycle - which we should all strive for - is to Eat Right (e.g. the sandwich on the right) & Exercise Regularly. If you live by these "ERs" you will likely never be rushed into the "ER" (Emergency Room) with a heart condition.

February was our "Heart month" - feel free to search the blog for those and other pieces - under the "Healthy Living" section - which are guaranteed to bless you. You may start with:

One more is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday is a good day to make life-saving changes in your life.

May God send you help and support as you take the first step. AMEN

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