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Thursday, August 12, 2010

You are the gift...

While listening to a handsome young man, Nick Vujicic* (pictured here) recently, the Holy Spirit reminded me of this lovely scripture:
A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.**
and then He (the Holy Spirit of course) shed more light on it for me.

A gift is something you have and/or something you have received - that's the simplest way to explain it - not that you won't understand a more complex definition but let's keep it simple 'cos we're going somewhere...

A lot of people,  including - if not especially- Christians, are always waiting to discover or receive "the gift(s)" they need to do exploits for God or to at least do what God has called them to do. Well, believe me when I say:
 "you don't need what you don't have to do exploits for God".
Huh? Where's is she coming from this time? (Did I just read your mind?) Stay with me...if you don't know where I'm coming from, you'll be delighted when you realise where we're going...or at least I hope so.

Too many times, we believe that if we had the same nationality, parentage, education, height, good looks, money, anointing and even race as that other person, we would have accomplished more than we currently have. Well the truth is that that belief is as false as it gets. Yes - false! False!! FALSE!!!

The Bible teaches us that God has given us all we need to make an impact in this world. In fact, whatever He hasn't given us is all we don't need to make impact. Nick Vujicic, mentioned above, was born without limbs - yes, no arms or legs and yet without those things he continues to make impact in millions of lives. He has refused to be limited by what he does not have and is using all that he has to do exploits to the glory of the Lord.

After watching and listening to Nick I started wondering what my excuses for not doing what I should really are? I mean, this guy can type 43 words per minute using his foot.  So what are your excuses? How valid are they? Now I'm not saying we should not aspire to be better than we are now; I'm just saying that we very well have all we need to do what God has called we to be and do. So what do you have? Or better put, what don't you have and how can you use that to glorify God?

Remember....YOU (yes - You) are the gift and you are endowed with all you need.

We'd love to read your take on this...

*Learn more about Nick Vujicic at
**Proverbs 18:16 - Amplified Bible

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