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Friday, April 8, 2011

Mummy merry-go-round

A few days ago...actually one early morning (@3.30am), I was chatting (IM) with my cousin - who's in a different time zone. When she asked and found out what time it was for me, she was wondering why I was up so early (or is it up so late). I explained that I needed to stay up in order to do things I couldn't get to do when my children were awake. When signing-off, I said to her that I needed to go to bed and rest before it's time for
 "Mummy merry-go-round."

As I settled into my bed, I wondered how (even why) I came up with the term:  "Mummy merry-go-round." As I drifted off to sleep, I pondered on the term and yes - you guessed right - I'm now sharing my thoughts on the term. The concept of the "merry go round" is to go round for a particular period of time and have fun while swirling. I looked up the definition of "merry-go-round" - the definitions I found were interesting and put a different spin on things:

1. amusement park ride: an amusement park or fairground ride with a rotating circular platform fitted with seats that are usually shaped like animals such as horses and move up and down to music.

2. revolving ride in playground: a piece of playground equipment in the form of a revolving structure for children to sit on and push, or be pushed, around and around.

3. whirl of activity: a busy or continuous cycle of fast-paced activities or events.*

The third definition was spot on and like the children, some of us may feel dizzy at the end of the day...or maybe just exhausted.

As I pondered on the term and remembered my last merry go-round experience - watching children have fun on it and I realised that it was not really about how shiny or simple the merry-go-round was. Children always had fun on whichever "model" you put them on. That resonates with me - I must purpose to and actually have a fulfilling and fun-filled day...whether or not I finish everything on my "To Dos" list on a breezy or busy day.

Let's put this in perspective:
"Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from him"
(Ps 127:3 - NLT).

How do you feel when you receive a gift? What about when you get a reward - such as a bonus, gift certificate or even some form of commendation? Ecstatic, encouraged, excited? Well, at least that's how I feel - and I've told myself that that's the way I should feel each time I get on my "Mummy merry-go-round" - that can be quite a tall order but God's grace abounds.

For those who still have children at home, plan to enjoy your "Mummy merry-go-round" and make every moment memorable, because before you know it, they'd be grown and their own homes. Not to worry, what goes around comes around - they'll have their merry-go rounds waiting there for them too...more advanced ones too. Go...enjoy the ride...and get ready to coach them on how to enjoy their own merry-go-rounds... of your gifts to them.


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