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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Think on this...

Just this evening, I was watching "The Flintstones" cartoon with my children - surprised? Yes, apart from the fact that I enjoy watching it as well as Tom & Jerry (do you know someone else who does?) - it's an opportunity for Family time. I also try not to miss opportunities to watch stuff with my children in order to both screen what they watch and maximise teachable moments. Maybe, no - most likely,  we'll talk about teachable moments another time. For now, let's get back to the point of this posting....

After all their usual "adventures" and "mishaps", at the end of this episode, Fred Flintstone was dancing with his wife - having a good time. Then just before his signature "Yabba-yabba-do",  chuckling he said:
"People like having some fun in their lives,
and like having some life in their fun."
Do you agree with him?

Well, I do. So here's wishing you a wonderful weekend as July 2010 wraps up. God bless you with a fun-filled Godly life and His abundant life in your fun. AMEN!

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