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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Are you

ENLIGHTENDED …to walk on water?
It is always amazing how the word of God comes alive in an instant. Suddenly a passage that you have read over and over again, takes on new meaning. This has happened to me in a number of cases recently. I will share one of those AHA! cases.

Genesis 1:3 (&4) became an exciting passage, when I dwelt on the fact that after God created the earth, he chose to create light next. Focusing on “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good…” I began to wonder why God said the light was “good.” This train of thought took me down a new path to explore the relevance of light in our ability to walk on water (WoW) - daily. I will share these findings below:

1)    Light is associated with HEAT (in most cases) and therefore, in the presence of God’s light, heat can be generated. For this to enable us to WoW, we must be able to retain the heat; when we retain the heat we would tend to become too hot for the enemy to toy with. More importantly however, we cannot retain heat with impurities in our lives otherwise, there is a tendency for us to get burnt…. get rid of the impurities in your life and enjoy the warmth of God’s love with the added ability to repel your enemies.

2)    Light enables LIFE. From my biology classes, I learnt that with light, plants create food through the process of photosynthesis. Without light, therefore, there will be no plant life, without plants, there will be no animal life, etc. A defective plant is unable to utilize the light to generate food. Likewise, we need to utilize the light in the Word of God to generate spiritual food & LIFE. We must be doers and not hearers only.*

3)    Light produces ENERGY/POWER. When the light of God shines upon us, we are energized. Ever wondered why the Energy drink Industry is booming? Because people are in desperate need for instant energy (even if it may not be entirely healthy). When we are energized we can practically glide (not just walk) on water. When we are weak and downcast, depressed, miserable…we are unable to fulfill God’s purpose. We need to be energized and the light of God can generate energy/power when we are weakened by the challenges of life.

4)    Light RADIATES – For every woman, old or young, there is a desire to radiate beauty…to glow…to shine…. The fact that beauty matters, is evident in the effort made in packaging, presentation, decorating. There are jobs that you can’t get today if you do not present yourself appropriately at the selection stage. You would most likely be overlooked in certain places if you don't “look good”. When God’s light shines on us, His glory covers us. God’s glory upon us is a mark of distinction that enables us to WoW.

5)    Light REVEALS hidden things. When there is light, we tend to see clearly and we are unlikely to stumble. When things are revealed we gain knowledge and it always pays to have knowledge. Anyone who enters a negotiation knowing the plan of her opponent is sure to have an advantage. God’s light provides the ability to discern and therefore gives us an added advantage over our peers, friends and foes.  The more we know, the less the enemy can fool us.

6)    Light DIRECTS & GUIDES. The word of God is a light unto our path to guide & direct us. I don’t know anyone who can go through life without guidance. A lot of people fail for poor or lack of guidance. When guidance is really good, your chances to succeed are excellent. God has promised to guide us with His eyes - our eyes must be on His face. To continue to WoW in 2014, actively seek God’s guidance, & you'll never go wrong.

The other part of this passage that is intriguing to me is the process…
  • God said…and it was – God’s spoken word is living and powerful, with results to show.
  • God said…and it was – When God says a thing, it is instantly done, even when we do not see a physical manifestation.
  • God said…and it was – darkness could not resist the appearance of light, God’s good plans, intentions, thoughts, etc. cannot be resisted by evil.
We need to pray that the light of God will shine on our lives, then we can truly Walk on Water!

* James 1:22

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