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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How busy are you?

I know that a lot of people are quick to tell you how busy they are. With the amount of time some people spend sharing how busy they are with others, I can’t help but wonder:
“If you’re really that busy,
 how come you have this much time to spare sharing how busy you are?”
I mean if you’re too busy to call or visit people – and spend quality time with them, why would you “waste” your precious time explaining how busy you are to the same people…or others?

Now, I don’t have anything against being busy – the question to ask is: “Busy doing what?” As we know, Socrates was a very wise man and he gave this warning which is very apt these days:

Beware the barrenness of a busy life. ~ Socrates

Let me tell you how I see it, I notice that some people use their “busyness” as an excuse not avoid what they should – i.e. they’d rather be spinning in circles of activity rather than “walking the straight line” of progression. Some others use it as a way to avoid others – and that is unfortunate, if you ask me.

Now one thing you’ll notice from Jesus’ choice of disciples is that He only chose people who were already engaged – i.e. busy. So being busy is not bad as such – it’s just bad when we use it as an excuse not to do what we should. In the “busyness” of my life, I usually assess myself – so that I’m not negatively BUSY i.e. Burdened Under Satan’s Yoke.* Ask yourself: "If I'm too busy to spend time doing the Lord's work - who's work am I doing?"

One t
hing I try to do is avoid busy for busy sake – when I can.

It’s great to find and have “down-time” rather than be busy doing nothing. So how busy are you?

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