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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We've talked about "Eating fruit" over the past couple of weeks & there's still a lot to be said. As we wrap it up for now, I'd like you to remember that the best kinds of fruit are FRUIT:

Fresh - fresh nutrients are better than stale ones...
Ripe - unripe fruit is hard to digest; some are curative*
Uncooked - the first thing you lose when you cook fruit is the best part of it - the nutrients. Why lose benefits?
Identifiable - looking or even smelling like fruit doesn't make it fruit...I know someone who said her child loves fruits and started giving her child fruit gummies/candy. I couldn't understand why anyone will substitute the real thing for a "dummy" - in this case it was a gummy.
Taint-free - avoid fruits that are rotting or rotten

I pray you have a Fruity, but more importantly, a Fruit-ful & Fruit-filled life...God bless

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