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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who asked you?

Projected conversation:
Lady 1: I like your outfit
Lady 2: Really?
Lady 1: Yes - it's so unique and suits you
Lady 2: It's old...
Lady 1: It doesn't look it
Lady 2: Really? Infact I got it at a bargain...

Have you ever heard or been part of such conversations? Whenever I witness such, actively or passively, the first question that pops in my mind is: "Who asked you?"

Let's think about it...
Why does it matter if what you have is "old," inexpensive (that's the nicer word) or whatever? Even at interviews I've seen people put themselves down - what's that all about?

At the risk of being immodest (which I'd never recommend), we should learn to accept compliments gracefully and gratefully. I'm not saying you should blow your own trumpet - though sometimes you need to - I'm just saying don't devalue yourself - there's nothing virtuous about that; rather it is a vicious way of life. You shouldn't live life expecting others to "value" you if you don't value yourself. You must treat yourself with respect.

A great example just popped into my heart. At the well, when Jesus asked the Samaritan woman for water, she went off on a tangent - who asked her? Well, the exemplary part of that passage that relates to our topic is when Jesus said to her: "If only you knew Who was talking to..." We know the rest of the story - for those who don't this is a great time to get your (or a) Bible and read the Gospel of John - won't tell you which chapter...look it up.

Interesting that as I was writing this piece I noticed an email I received a few days ago & hadn't read...until now. The subject was "Do You Know Your Value?" The first part of the verse shared ties in nicely with this piece. Eph 2:10a "For we are God’s masterpiece."* Those 5 words are powerful - if we only key in to them and live the words out.

To be clear, I'm not saying that your should live in denial of any areas of improvement you may have. We all have areas of improvement that we must recognize & work on. If you must know, some of us also have "dated" (nicer word than "old") and inexpensive items but that's no reason to include it in your "elevator speech" or conversations. No need to say things you were not asked - no value in putting yourself down. You are God's masterpiece!

A masterpiece stands out and makes a positive statement wherever it is seen...
...go and do likewise.


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