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Friday, September 30, 2011

Don't wait for the weather...

...tomorrow may not be better.

I had an interesting experience while on a business trip. A colleague and I wanted to go out for dinner but decided that we shouldn't since the skies were grey (as they usually are in this city). We agreed that we should go out the next evening when the weather may be better.

Then the next day came and the weather forecast promised more than "grey" it proposed rain. So we were chatting about it and I said:
"I guess we've learned not to wait for the weather."
Hence the topic of this post; now you know where I'm coming from, let's move on...

One thing we must all realize about any and every area of life is:
"He who observes the wind [and waits for all conditions to be favorable] will not sow,
and he who regards the clouds will not reap." (Ecc 11:4 - Amplified)

It is only the sluggard (a habitually lazy person) that relies on the weather as an excuse not to do what he has to be done - and he has a reward waiting for him as Prov 20:4 tell us: "The sluggard does not plow when winter sets in; therefore he begs in harvest and has nothing." (Amplified, italics mine)

The best way to live is to sieze the moment. "In the morning sow your seed, and in the evening withhold not your hands, for you know not which shall prosper, whether this or that, or whether both alike will be good." (Ecc 11:6 - Amplified). I know that there are times when we need to wait before we act and times when waiting is a waste of time - we need the wisdom of God to distinguish the times and to know what to do while we "wait".

Taking it beyond that, too many of us keep waiting till everything is just right - and sadly watch our lives roll away with all the opportunities (sometimes dressed as problems) that come our way. It's sad but true that some people are still unmarried today because they looked at the "clouds" around a particular person not knowing that the heavens will be open over that person in the future. Now young ladies, please beware of gentlemen who are just sowing seeds of proposals everywhere and in every season - that's wrong unkind and totally unscriptural. All I'm saying is do not use the person's "status" today to assume his future will be just as "grey and cloudy." If he is a believer - which he must be for you to even consider praying about it - the Bible has promised that: "the path of the [uncompromisingly] just and righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines more and more (brighter and clearer) until [it reaches its full strength and glory in] the perfect day [to be prepared]. (Prov 4:18 - Amp). The reason is simple:
He Who alone knows the future has great plans for all His children.
See what He's promised in Jer 29:11* & 1 Cor 2:9**

Back to where we started, the "weather" should not ever stop us from doing what we need to. As we step into the last quarter of this wonderful year, remember that God has promised to abundantly bless what we lay our hands to do according to His will. So if you lay your hands on nothing, you will have a multiplied harvest of much more "nothing"...I agree with you -
God forbid! 

*Jer 29:11 - "I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for." (Good News Translation)
"I will bless you with a future filled with hope--a future of success, not of suffering." (CEV)

**1 Cor 2:9 - But it is just as the Scriptures say, "What God has planned for people who love him is more than eyes have seen or ears have heard. It has never even entered our minds!"
However, as the scripture says, What no one ever saw or heard, what no one ever thought could happen, is the very thing God prepared for those who love him.
(Good News Translation)

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