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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where do you stand?

Every individual is important and influential. The impact of others on your life all depends on where you “stand.” Let’s use 2 words: UNITE and UNTIE to expantiate on this.

From experience, when “I” move a bit in any relationship, I find that I’m either on the “unite” path or the “untie” path and both are important paths that I must be cognizant of. For marriage you must remain on the “unite path” with your spouse and the “untie path” from people, things and thoughts that want to pull you apart.  Putting these words into a phrase, I'd say in marriage it's "United we thrive, untied (from each other) we fail." For every other relationship you need to know when to step right into the middle of it and “unite” or step aside and “untie” yourself from that connection.

Sadly, a lot of people just hang around others “just because” and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t. You need to know where you stand in every relationship you are in. It doesn’t stop there you have to stand in the right spot so you are not:

  • united to someone that will untie you from your destiny in life or
  • untied from someone who will unite you with your destiny.
Now who said this is easy – definitely not if you try to go it on your own – which is why we must be alert to the Only one Who knows what’s best for us. Some of you may know – I had more than one suitor. I’ve shared how I had to have courage to leave* i.e. untie myself from someone years ago. The devil tried again and just before my husband proposed, someone else did. Had I let myself be manipulated into the “the Lord said I’m getting married this year" talk, one thing is sure: I would not be where or who I am today - enough said, you get the point. Beyond marriage, the same is true about the friends (and acquaintances) you currently have and if you think about it, it’s true about some of your former friends.

Sometime ago, I was talking to a bride-to-be and had to tell her to get ready for a change in friends. I know this is not an easy thing especially for us ladies but is a fact of life and we need to accept it. There is always a tug whether to "unite" or "untie" you need to know where you stand in every relationship (friendship/acquaintance-ship) you find yourself in.
“I” do – do you?


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