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Monday, January 31, 2011

Nourish to Flourish

Last year, we talked about beautiful weeds*. One thing we need to realise is "what you nourish flourishes". Thinking about weeds, ignoring them is a form of nourishment - sure it gives them more time to dig their roots deeper (& makes it more difficult to uproot them). This principle is also applicable to our lives. I'll expound this further...

Think about any virtue or vice in life...I'll mention a few:

Top on the list for me is "Love" because it produces so many other virtues such as, patience, encouragement, tolerance etc. When you nourish love, it flourishes. For as long as you demonstrate (not just in words) that you love your spouse, child(ren), parents, friends and brethren, the roots of that love go deeper and become more unmoveable.

Conversely, if you nourish fear, distrust, envy, pride or any other vice - guess what?
It will take root and flourish.

Yep - virtues and vices are equally subject to this law of "nourish to flourish". So how do you nourish them? Simply by what you "feed them"...your thoughts and preceptions of your self (and others) feed virtues and/or do you attitudes towards others.

As this year progresses - one month down, 11 to go - it's up to you to choose what you want to flourish in your life...then do what you can (& should) to nourish it (or them). God bless

* Beautiful weeds posting -

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