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Friday, September 4, 2015

"Nice top..."

One evening, on my way home, a lady's black-and-white top caught my eye. It was simple and nice...yes, and suited her. I actually considered walking over to her to say "Nice top." (Yes, I've been know to compliment total strangers.) As I got closer to her, the more familiar it looked. Oh - I then realized I had the same exact top which Beryl had complimented a few weeks earlier.
I then wondered how many of us would walk over to the person and say "Nice top/outfit" and as the person says a surprised "Thank you!" would quickly add "I have the exact same top/outfit."
Ok maybe not say the lattter part out loud but think it and also think "and it looks better on me."
What a bubble burster! - I agree
This made me think back to a purple, lilac and grey dress my husband (who has wonderful taste by the way) convinced me to buy. I usually wear it with a lilac or grey jacket. A year or 2 later, I saw another lady wear the same dress with a purple sweater - oh and did it ever suit her. My first thought when I saw her was: "Where did she get the dress from?" and I quickly cautioned myself knowing that the dress was not custom-made for me. Hold that thought...I'll come back to it.
Then my 2nd thought was: "Hmm that's I can wear my purple sweater with my dress" - an option I hadn't considered despite the fact that I had a purple sweater. Without her knowledge, she had just given me an idea and a way of wearing my dress. I should thank her.
Now back to my first fleshly thought. I mean even if I had the dress custom-made it doesn't stop anyone who likes it from replicating it - does it? This thought made me wonder how you feel when you walk into church or the office or even the mall and see someone wearing the same thing you're wearing on that day or something you also have in your wardrobe. I suspect some of us would switch into comparison and competitive "Who wore it better?" mode rather than compliment the person. For me, the bottom line is, we must learn to compliment & celebrate others - same outfit or not.

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