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Monday, March 23, 2015

"I may have lost my fitbit...

...but I haven't lost my drive to be and remain fit."

YES! That was my declaration of determination as I took the stairs to my meeting 4 floors away.

I was really surprised, shocked, sad and almost depressed when I lost my fitbit. I still can't believe or even fathom how, where or when it came off my wrist. And for the loss to occur on a day that I was making extra effort to take more steps to exceed my daily target...which was a stretch.

I was really, really sad and down for several days and in that time, I kept asking myself why I needed a rubber bracelet to motivate (and monitor) my decision to make fitness a lifestyle. Remember my "Laps for laps"* piece? I gave myself the gift of fitness 6 months ago therefore I refuse to let anyone/thing take that from me not even the loss of a fitbit which was also gift to me - from me.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit Who lifted me out of the "fit" to a place of fitness...


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