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Friday, January 30, 2015

Oh my home...

"Oh my home...

When shall I see my home?
When shall I see my nativeland
I will never forget my home."

This song (> 30 years old) came to mind as I wrote this piece.

A very heartwarming thing happened a few months ago. We went on a Family Vacation - everyone was looking forward to it. Not sure what each of my family members' plans were but personally, I was hoping to catch up on sleep among other things. Some of the other things I was looking forward to beside spending lots of quality time with my family included having unencumbered time to write, or at least complete half-written, pieces for my blogs, read 2 or 3 books, read my over 2,000 unread emails actually, more like cleaning out my mailbox by selective deletion and my list of to dos went on...

So all packed with mainly "play-clothes" and electronic gadgets, we headed out. We had little or no plans of what we'd do each day so we planned each day out when we woke up. Then we had those lovely "wake-up-and-do-nothing" days. Oh we had so much fun doing nothing. I read - actually, completed a book I started reading last year, wrote a number of pieces, and slept a lot...

With a few days to go, my husband and children started talking about how much they missed our home - it felt like mind-reading because that was exactly how I felt. Not that I missed the cooking and cleaning though every member of my family does their bit - my husband ensures that it's not all left to me. I smiled because some people usually want a much longer time away from home.
My heart glowed that we were all on the same page and wanted to go to the same place - home.

I'm sure we're looking forward to our next vacation...and going back home too.

Indeed, no matter how luxurious - expensive or extensive - your vacation is, if you don’t feel like going home at the end of it, you (the whole family) need to discuss it and make adjustments. Our homes may never make it into the Homes and Gardens mag but it needs to always have a special place in our family members' hearts.

Our homes should be that special place where:
Hugs are on the House - everyday
Openness to share your dreams is the order of the day
Memories are made - one day at a time
Everyone has their space & is in everyone's space too...

May happiness and joy be ever-present in our homes.

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