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Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Just because"

Within the last 2-3 weeks before Christmas, several people asked me different questions including:
"Are you ready for Christmas?"
"Have you bought all your Christmas gifts?"
"Do you know what your children want for Christmas?"

Their questions circled around the same theme and my response was basically the same:
"Christmas will come whether or not we're ready." "My children are not really expecting anything for Christmas because we give them gifts all through the year."
Of course I got some surprised looks and I understand why. The way I see it, giving gifts should not be restricted to anniversaries, birthdays and/or Christmas-time for that matter.

In my opinion, we can prepare for Christmas from January...and that goes beyond just buying your Christmas cards or décor in January when the prices are lower. Develop the habit of giving "Just because" gifts. That way, by the time it's Christmas, if you give your children gifts - like we eventually did - it's a pleasant surprise and appreciated.

"Just because" gifts have much more "power" than we can even imagine. Try it this year - would be glad to hear how it works for you.

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