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Friday, May 17, 2013


...without ceasing, and may I add, in all seasons.

Just this morning, while I was laying in bed and rather reluctant to get out, I wondered...and then prayed that my family would think of treating me to breakfast in bed. So you see it from my viewpoint, Sunday was Mother's Day and we had to leave early for church so as usual, "breakfast is for children." Now here we were on a family day off and I wanted to sleep in and hopefully be pampered - even if a little...

Within minutes of that "prayer," my husband came into our bedroom tray in hand urging me to "Arise and Eat" - now what a treat that was... It's amazing how true the word of God is even in what you'd call "small things."

Thank God that my family never thought that I should have slept in our kitchen.

I couldn't go to bed tonight without sharing this testimony - hoping to encourage you to always take God at His Word and Pray without ceasing and in all seasons. God bless.

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