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Sunday, June 17, 2012

First time...

You know there is always a first time of everything...pleasant and unpleasant.

Today is the first time, in our lives, that Beryl and I can't call our earthly fathers to say:

It is still quite a reality check for my whole family and hers too. In my case, even my children are still coming to terms with our the past couple of months, they have mentioned the need to call him when calling their other grandparents over the weekend and even mistakenly prayed for him then quickly corrected themselves.

As I write this, one thing I'm grateful about is that: we can confidently say that our Dads were "Happy Fathers." Yes - in God's mercy He helped us accomplish things that made our fathers happy and that is one of the best gifts any child can give to their parents.

The other thing, I'm grateful to God for is that in their own way, they deserved the title:

We were blessed with wonderful Dads and personally grateful that they gave their consent for us to get married to the great husbands God gave us. It takes a good father to do the best for his children. To our husbands, who are also fathers, and all the other fathers in the world, we thank God for another opportunity to celebrate you:

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