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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Watch what they wear...

A few days we talked about watching what our children watch. Trust me, that's not the only thing we need to watch. I've mentioned before that I like people-watching and I also look at what people wear - especially children. I never used to pay that much attention to it but over time my attention span in that area has increased because I simply cannot believe the kinds of things and brands they sell these days. I went looking - here are a few examples:

Personally, it's frightening to believe that some Christian parents actually buy things like these for their children and some even give such as gifts?  Do you realise that everytime someone reads what is on your child's T-shirt, he/she is prophesying into your child's life?

I remember seeing a child's T-shirt some years ago and walking up to his mother ...before I completed my sentence, she said: "I know why you've come to's about his T-shirt." She went on to say: "I thought about it this morning when I gave it to him to wear to church." What?! I couldn't believe my ears & even eyes - she actually thought about it and proceeded? Can you believe that? Her excuse was that it was a gift or something like that - huh? Well, there was no more to be said...

I know I have said this before and will continue to: we must learn to say "No" (thank you) without feeling guilty. If you cannot nicely return an inappropriate gift - which is I believe is the better option so you and the giver learn - then don't use the gift. Now if the giver asks why they haven't noticed the gift on your child (I wonder why they would even be monitoring you) then you should be truthful enough to say why.  

I remember returning one such gift - it was better than trashing it. I needed to make a point to the giver as to what my children will not wear. The giver acknowledged that no attention was paid to the "writing," wasn't surprised I returned it and offered to replace it.

Now this is only one part of the story: the other part of watching what our children wear relates to general clothing. Did you just squirm? Well, I'll go on...some of the clothes our daughters put on are definitely not "appealing." We've talked about whether the way we dress is appealing or appalling* - the same applies to our children. And what's with those sagging trousers/pants (for males) & low waist trousers/pants (for females) - not a good sight. The Bible is clear:
Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. (Prov 22:6 - NIV) Whatever we teach them by example, will stick with them for life.

Examples of bad clothing abound... I could start a list but I won't - I'm sure we know what I mean when you see it. Can you imagine any child (not yours, I hope) wearing a T-shirt that says either of these?

I decree:
"My children, grandchildren and generations unborn will NEVER wear any such clothing. 

It is my prayer that after reading this you will check to ensure none of such "live" with you... and that you'll watch out for the items of clothing to avoid going forward =>

I'm publishing this today as a tribute to my mother. She was so good at watching what we wore that to this day there are some things I cannot wear - they simply don't appeal to me. 

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