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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


What crossed your mind when you read the title? I heard this phrase from a colleague. First, I was amused then saddened when told what it really stands for in a particular office culture.

When I first heard the phrase, I thought about my "cuppa catch-up/connection" meetings - which are times when I catch-up with people I know preferably away from their desks or just connect with people I don't and/or would like to know better - for their sakes & mine.

I enjoy my Cuppa Catch-up/Connection meetings - and it's not half as much about ingesting caffeine as it is spending what I consider quality time - time spent getting to know someone and sometimes yourself (better). So you can only imagine how unhappy I was to hear that "Tea-talk" was a way of saying: "Let's meet up to talk about someone or some people."
What an unproductive and wasteful use of a valuable and irreplaceable resource - your life!

Eleanor Roosevelt said: Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. Which one of these are you? This is a good time to bring the Bible in...
Proverbs 10:18a tells us that: "Anyone who spreads gossip is a fool."* So what do you think that make the person who listens to gossip? You said what should you do not to be a fool? David - the man after God's heart** was so clear on this: "I will not tolerate people who slander their neighbors."*** Another word for Gossips (yes, there is no word like "Gossiper") and Slanderers is Backbiters. My husband usually says that Backbiters are always (and will remain) at the back - well that's the only place they can "bite" from. By extension, spending time behind people's backs to "bite" them drains strength and focus from moving forward.

Ok, I'm not saying that you should look at anyone who goes for tea or coffee suspisciously. The point is: What do you do or discuss when you are having your tea or coffee break? Now, it's a time for introspection. While I can't do it for you, I pray that any of us who spend time talking about others with or without "tea" will stop. I also pray that any of us who have "eager ears" for gossip will be courageous to tell the Gossips to stop or stop having "tea" with them but keep praying they see the light as I pray you have. If you must talk about others, talk to God - and He will give you the wisdom and grace to deal with them. I can confidently tell you that that's definitely a more productive use of your time and life.

* Good News Translation
**Psalm101:5a - NLT

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