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Friday, December 16, 2011

Watch what they watch...

With how busy some of us have become, it is so easy to let the TV be our "live-in" nanny. Some parents just plop their children in front of the TV or computer screen just so they can be quiet and give them time to do "stuff." The danger of this is beyond words which is why I cannot but encourage us to "watch what they watch." This phrase means 2 things to me:

First, we need to take time out of our busy schedules to watch TV with them...yes. It's not about making them watch what you want to watch - which is good too; it's about watching what they would like to watch. When you do, you may see or hear things you believe they shouldn't see or hear & you'll be there to "protect" them.  

The other part is being watchful i.e. being aware of the kinds of things you let them watch. You may not necessarily watch such things in advance (you really don't need to) but you should know the kinds of things you do not want your children watching - an example that comes to mind is Harry Potter. I am not aware of any positive influence derivable from those books or movies so it is a definite "No-No" in my home. There are also some demonic cartoons not to mention those with subtle messages on disobedience and destructiveness. I mean what's the point in setting up your children for nightmares and then asking others to join you in prayer for your children's deliverance when all you should have done was to switch off the TV? Now, if you are not current and think TV is as "clean" as it was when you were a child, think again. Like with the first reason to watch what they watch, here a stitch in time saves nine too.

Besides those 2 reasons, watching TV together is a good way to spend quality family time. In my home, many teachable moments have come into our home through the TV e.g. my children wanted to know if they will need to consult e-Harmony or Christian Mingle when they are ready to get married. I'm sure you know the answer but for those who may in doubt, we told them that they can start now to pray about the person they will get married to and when it is time they will hear God speak to them directly. The only Person they need to consult for such important life-changing decisions is God.

It is also a time to build positive vocabulary. I've heard some parents say in horror: "Where did you hear that?" My answer under my breath is: "Where did you leave him/her/them?"

We are busy people, to avoid becoming busy with avoidable things, do your best to 
watch what they watch...

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