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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fit better or just fatter?

A few weeks ago, when I looked at myself in the mirror* I noticed that the blouse I was wearing seemed to fit better than the last time I wore it.
So I wondered what had happened...

I knew the blouse couldn't have shrunk - it was cotton; so that ruled out that option or shall I say "excuse." Then without any flashing lights it was obvious that I had "grown to fit - I mean 'fill' - the blouse" - that's actually a nice way of putting it. Well, I should be gentle to myself and everyone - who knows were this posting is headed?

So excuses, explanations and embellishments aside, it was obvious that getting a new wardrobe was not an option - period. I know people who use any excuse possible to buy new clothes - now don't get me started on that. Ok, since we're here let me talk a bit about that. I understand that sometimes you go into a store see something that would go better with something you have or just received - I don't necessarily agree with that. However, what I cannot understand or even stand is accumulation. Now before I start on that I'll be upfront to say that there are some things that I've had for so long and I'm not willing to let go of - more because of sentimental value and they still fit me. I've heard of people who hoard things hoping that one day - one day in the future - they will be their size again.

Ladies, we know that if you don't decide & do something about (&, more importantly, for) yourself, that day will never come. So why don't you free yourself from that bondage and give out what you no longer need - once they are still in good condition? The other alternative is to help yourself  "grow (back) into" those outfits. You know when thinking about whether my blouse fit better or if I was just fatter, I also asked myself:
"If the answer is the latter (which we know it was) am I fit?" 

Here comes the twist in this piece. I was amused when I was talking to colleague (who's trying to diet and remain fit) - she told me about a show she watched where a slim (ok skinny) lady and a bigger - you may want to say "fatter" - lady were being compared. After the assessment, the bigger lady was determined to be more fit (in better physical "shape" & health) than the slim one. The slim lady had so much more fat in her body than the bigger one. The bigger one engaged in regular exercise. Now, I'm not saying you should go and get fat in order to be "fit". You can be fit whatever size you are. So when your clothes seem to "fit better" remember to ask yourself the same question I asked at the beginning - "Fit better or just fatter?" & then ask yourself: "Am I fit?" When you get the answers from yourself, do what you need to - shopping for new clothes excluded except you are willing to give out what you have or just need a few new outfits e.g. when pregnant - like 2 of my friends are.

*For the record, I look at myself in the mirror everyday - whether or not I want to.

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