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Thursday, September 16, 2010

How do/would others describe you?

Several years ago, I read 2 books that gave me a fresh insight into the lives of the women in the Bible. I'm sure there are so many women - in the bible and outside the bible (e.g. some notable Christian women - your mum may one) - we aspire to be like. I recently got this email that summarizes a handful of such women. Personally, I want to be:

* Like Deborah, I will serve the Lord in power and speak His word without fear.

* Like Esther, I will intercede for God's people before the throne.
* Like Abigail, I will humble myself to wash the feet of the servants of the Lord.

* Like Hannah, I will dedicate my children to the Lord.

* Like Priscilla, I will explain the way of God more perfectly to those who are seeking.

* Like the Shunamite widow, I will trust God in the day of adversity.

* Like Lydia , I will be a worshipper of God and open my home to His ministers.

* Like Tabitha (Dorcas), I will always do well and help the poor.

* Like Joanna, I will use my wealth to support the ministry of Jesus.

* Like Mary, I will say be it unto me according to thy word.

I can't help but wonder how I am being described now and how I will be described if I leave before Jesus returns to take us home. My prayer is that we can all be described as...
 Women of Wonder who Walk on His command.  

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