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Friday, July 1, 2016

Watch your...


Today is the 183rd of the year - yes the exact mid-point of this leap Year and a great time to renew our resolutions - or make new ones - so here goes...

Earlier this year, I was reading the January 2016 Edition of “Fortune” magazine. On page 24, the last 3 sentences ending the article titled “Fitness has a new Business Model” by John Kell got me thinking. It said:
‘“It’s not just a workout,” says SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan. “Our studios are really sanctuaries.” That mind-set may benefit both waistlines and wallets.”
The play on words in the last sentence caught my imagination and I decided to write on it.

When we watch our waists, we are challenged to better manage our weight and it reduces our waste and impacts our wallets too. Let me expand on that.

Watching our waists gets us to a “Wow!” position – did you just notice that “Watching our waists” spells “Wow” too? I only noticed it as I typed this up.
This year I noticed an ad that kept saying that 90% of women have an “I hate my body” moment every day or so. I sure was and still am glad that I’m in the 10%. But that’s not the point of this post…let’s get back on track.
Watching our waists helps us discipline ourselves – we know all too well that it’s from the lips to the hips. We are not, and must not become "Waste-baskets" or Trash/Garbage Cans as some call it. When we discipline ourselves consistently, we not just “Wow” ourselves, others are “Wow-ed” by that. Managing our weight has many benefits including reducing how often we need to change/update our wardrobes for “resizing” and that positively impacts our wallets – i.e. no or less money spent – actually more like “wasted” on new clothes. I know that some women enjoy shopping – just because…and know that some shop due to resizing needs. The point is not watching our waists can lead to more waste than we can imagine.

Besides clothes, there’s the other thing about what we actually let go past our lips to our hips. Watching our waists actually starts with watching what we eat, not what we wear. We are what we eat so when we eat the “wrong” or unhealthy things, chances are that we may not be as healthy as we could be if we ate all the right things. I know that healthy foods are more “expensive” than junk food however when you remember that “eating junk makes your body junk”* you’ll realize that being unhealthy (sometimes due to waist issues), is more expensive (to manage) than remaining healthy.

I like the way Bill Hybels ties it to our spiritual life: 
"Don't ask God to bless junk food and miraculously transform it so that it has nutritional value. That's not how God works."

In other words, pray over your food but remember that the harvest is determined by the seed. Be encouraged to “Wow” yourself…I'm encouraging myself so I can also Wow! my husband.     


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