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Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Jidelim ya..."*

This was the beginning of an interesting series of scenes...

Act 1, Scene 1
As we deplaned, some ladies (who were in the "Popular" cabin) came out with the single red rose given to but left behind by the passengers in the FCC. (I'll let you decode those cabins).

Act 1, Scene 2
With one of those roses in hand, a lady and her husband approached the ground airline staff for information on their connecting flight at about the same time we were waiting.

Act 2, Scene 1
(I suspect) The lady wanted to use the washroom while hubby was waiting in line to get their Gate information. Then she handed the rose to her husband saying: " Jidelim ya"*; let's not worry about the missing 'Please' - which I'm known to insist on as my dear Mother taught me.

Act 2, Scene 2
Husband "responded" (now this is me lip-reading), "Why don't you take it with you?" Or maybe "Why did you collect it?" The lady responded with a few words, rose in outstretched hand, possibly suggesting where he could put it.

Act 2, Scene 3
Husband reluctantly collected rose. As his wife walked away, he opened the top zipper of his carry-on and did more than put he stuffed the rose in - stalk, bud and all.


Watching all this play out (pun intended), I smiled as I thought to myself, "What will she say when she gets back and asks for the rose and gets (some of) the petals instead?" I wonder if she's one of those ladies who really like flowers but their husbands don't know or know but don't understand why. I also wondered if she asked for the rose because it was available or because some other ladies "asked" or got a rose. As these thoughts went through my mind, I told my husband what I had just seen; we chatted & chuckled about it then I decided to write about it.

Final Scene....

Act 3, Scene 1
An hour or 2 later, I see the couple - with no rose in sight. No idea if the lady remembered to ask her husband for it, or if she did and when she saw it, didn't let the crushed rose crush her relationship or even if they talked about it. It was nice to "draw the curtain" on a cordial couple.

In all this, 2 messages were clear:
  1. Not everyone desires or holds things as "dearly" as you do. In some instances even your spouse doesn't feel the same way as you do; which is where communication comes in. Too many times we assume that our spouse, family and even friends know what matters to us. Sometimes they do, but not always. So we must be clear and deliberate in our communication - people around us are not mind-readers though they may seem to be.
  2. Don't ever let a temporary or fleeting situation (permanently) damage your relationship with others - especially with your spouse. If tongue-bites (no idea if that's a real word) left scars or took off pieces of our tongues, sure can't imagine what mine would look like - that's if it would still exist in the latter example. And to think that I have missed some "bite-your-tongue" moments myself. This was another reminder to control my tongue and not let it control me.
Let's wrap this up before I go any further from where we started. You see why I sometimes engage in "people-watching." I learn so much from others - most times unaware to them.
So as you live daily, purpose to learn from people around you - teachable moments abound.

* The phrase means: "Hold this for me."

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