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Thursday, April 16, 2015

You're being watched...

...with every movement or lack of movement.

A few weeks ago, I thought about giving myself a gift. Everyone deserves a "gift" now and again.

Well I decided to give myself a gift of not doing any exercise. Reason? Of course there was a reason - and it was because I was celebrating someone's birthday and so felt entitled to a gift. Now the question isn't whether or not I gave the celebrant a gift - that's besides the point at least this time. :) Ok to clear that, I gave the celebrant more than one gift...let's go on.

No sooner than had I settled it in my mind that I wouldn't go exercising did I receive an email about Exercise classes. I'm not sure what I was thinking I'll find in it when I went on to open up the email. I kept scrolling through the email only to see these words (not the same picture though). You know you're being watched when you get such a direct message. Obviously, I had concluded that I could resume my exercise routine on Monday since Friday's was passed. I then checked - oh Monday won't work, neither would I resigned to getting back on track someday next week or the week after...

It is really true that 'Someday' is one of those days out there that never comes. We must be careful of the trap of procrastination. I look at my life and see so many examples of goals I haven't (and may never) achieved just because they were on my someday list. For instance, I kept saying that I need to learn how to sew - not because I wanted to be a S@HM but because I know I'm a very creative person and that is a skill that can help me spread the word of God. Well, someday hasn't come so I don't know how to sew with a sewing machine - yet, however, I'm good at repairing loose hems, buttons and darning socks - just in case you want to pay for my services.

Even this post was procrastinated for over a month - till I was in the mood to finish and publish it. Ironically, the day this happened to me was the same day I lost my fitbit* and that was when I determined to review my daily tasks so that I'd have time for exercise and other priorities. You cannot create can only reorganize/reprioritize your tasks and make space for things you need to do.


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