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Thursday, February 12, 2015

What an Ad!

On a recent trip, in looking for something - other than the book I brought - to read, I quickly flipped through the January edition of the Hemisphere magazine. I saw something in the corner of my eye then stopping flipping to look at it more closely.

On page 28, there's this header "Must sin TV" What a way to catch people's attention?! Well it caught mine.
In my curiosity, I stopped on that page and continued reading just to see if any of the things I watch were on their list. The piece continued with this quote and the list (reproduced below)
"This month's premiers have all seven base impulses covered." - ND

Envy - American Idol
Pride - Episodes
Sloth - Downton
Wrath - Black Sails
Gluttony - Shameless
Greed - House of Lies
Lust - Galavant

After I read the list, the first thing I said was "Thank God I don't watch American Idol" - besides when I stumble on it and quickly stumble out of it. I just never connected with the word "Idol" and all for a good reason. Now I have one more reason to stay away from it. As for the other TV shows, I've never heard of them but it's sure nice to now know what they stand for.

Nicholas Johnson, a renowned 80-year old lawyer, has this to say about TV -
"All television is educational television. The question is:  what is it teaching?"

If I may add to it,
"What are you and/or your family especially your children learning when you watch TV? Is there a better use of your time or possibly a better place to learn virtues not vices? I know some people may say that watching TV is part of family time - but is it the most qualitative use of time?"

Not all TV is bad...but I've seen how they are now very subtly mixing up the programming.
Just watch what you & your family watch - your eyes are one pathway to your heart & soul. Whatever gets into your soul will determine where you end up at the end of your life.

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