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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Put your muscle...

...where your mouth is. 

I was laughing when I read, actually listened to, Joshua 17:14-18 a few months ago. It says:
One day the Joseph tribes came to Joshua and asked, “Why didn't you give us more land? The Lord has always been kind to us, and we have too many people for this small region.” Joshua replied, “If there's not enough room for you in the hill country of Ephraim, then go into the forest that belonged to the Perizzites and the Rephaim. Clear out the trees and make more room for yourselves there.” “Even if we do that,” they answered, “there still won't be enough land for us in the hill country. And we can't move down into Jezreel Valley, because the Canaanites who live in Beth-Shan and in other parts of the valley have iron chariots.” “Your tribes do have a lot of people,” Joshua admitted. “I'll give you more land. Your tribes are powerful, so you can have the rest of the hill country, but it's a forest, and you'll have to cut down the trees and clear the land. You can also have Jezreel Valley. Even though the Canaanites there are strong and have iron chariots, you can force them to leave the valley.” (CEV)

The only thing that came to my mind was:
"Serves you right...put your muscle where your mouth is."
Too many people want to be spoon-fed. Remember my piece on "Drop that spoon"?*

I'm not saying that there's no place for people to help you. However if you live your life depending on others or waiting for them to do things for you, sooner than later you'll be a liability - and before you know it, you would have overdrawn on your "account" with them.

Just as it is with money matters, assets are always better than liabilities. When you are an asset, you add value to people's lives and you are invaluable to more people than you know.

Rather than looking or waiting around for someone to help you "get more land" why don't you look inside and see what YOU can do - and do it? If you want something and  know that is God's Will for you, put your muscle where your mouth (or heart is).


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