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Saturday, October 4, 2014


or Functional?
Remember my series on Purse-onality*? Recently, as I was walking to the train, I noticed someone's backpack and thought to myself, it looks more fancy or possibly "fashionable" or funky than functional i.e. 80:20. Yes, it was 80% funky/fancy/fashionable and 20% functional in my opinion. 
As I continued thinking and watching of course, it became obvious that this lady was on her way to school (no that's not her in the picture).
For example, a laptop would not be safe in this type of backpack...
As you might have guessed, I'm no purse expert but I strongly believe that if I "must" carry something around, it better be carrying what I (think I) need otherwise what's the point of carrying something that's doing nothing for me. That's also how I feel about friends. There is a very clear difference between Friendship and Friendliness. I notice that a number of us mix up both...and get into trouble because we feel slighted. The fact that someone is friendly doesn't make them your friend. I remember years ago when I couldn't tell them apart. I'd get hurt when it seemed like my "friend" treats me at arms-length when I had the perception of hearts-depth. 
Back to the point of this: In life we should be very selective about who & what we invest in - yes, people and things. Fashion comes and goes - just like fair-weather friends. Life is transient, so be "tangible" and focus on being functional - not just funky - wherever you are or go to...


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