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Friday, September 5, 2014

Take it easy, woman

It's interesting and enlightening to watch people and of course learn from them.

A few weeks ago, I saw a lady travelling with her husband and their 2 sons. It was very obvious that she was "in-charge." She was even in control (more like custody) of the boys' travel pillows.

When their luggage arrived on the carousel, she looked at her husband and said: "The 2nd, 3rd & 4th are ours." (I was lip-reading) BTW, her husband had gotten 2 luggage carts and each son had one. The next thing that happened - without warning - she started lifting their large suitcases off the carousel herself.

Amazed, I looked at her husband who looked equally amazed. As I walked away, I felt like going to her to say: "Take it easy woman."
All that was going through my mind was that there's no way I'd do that with my husband and sons right there beside me. Did I mention that their youngest son looked about 10 years old?

You know, I believe that sometimes women overdo things. You may be able to do everything but you really don't have to do everything. Some of us spend more time complaining that no one helps us whereas we don't give others space or time to help us - like the lady I mentioned.

To really enjoy our family - and family time, engage them in various a more balanced life. One with more rest and less stress... Join me as we say this to ourselves: "Take it easy, woman." Yes, it's okay to...

P.S. This experience makes me even more grateful for the men in my life. My husband and sons wouldn't even have let me carry the 1st suitcase. They would have repositioned themselves and taken charge there.  God uses them to help me take it easy from time to time. Love you all...lots.

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