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Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Been to..."

Have you come across people who are quick to tell you all the places they've "been to"?

Personally, when I meet some people who tell me, especially unsolicited, where they've been, sometimes I can't help but say "Really?" - in my inside voice of course.

I remember when I was in university and we'd be chatting with people who said they went through a particular school - the question was usually, "Did that school go through you?"

I mean, there are unfortunately too many people who are "educated" but not enlightened.
Sadly, the same is with some (or maybe many) church-goers. I'm careful not to assume that everyone who comes to church is a Christian - conscious that I'm working out my salvation.*

I've met people who almost "boast" about the many different churches they've "been to" and I keep asking (in my heart as usual) "which churches have gone through you?" or put differently, "Which ones have gotten (through) to you?"
We know (and the Bible says so too) that:
"By their fruit you shall know them."*

No tree needs to announce itself...time always tells. A really good example is citrus trees - such as Orange and Lemon trees or even Banana and Plantain trees. Their leaves look very similar - only the "knowledgeable," can tell them apart otherwise, it's at harvest time that their fruit will tell. Likewise, we need to be discerning (cutting through the "Christian-ese") and identify by people's actions which hearts have been touched by God. We even need to be discerning about ourselves because it's not about where you've "been to" but about what/Who has "been to" you/your heart.
* Phil 2:12b - out your own salvation with fear and trembling; (NIV)
** Matt 7:16 - You will know these people by what they do [their fruit]. Grapes don’t come [Can you pick grapes…?] from thornbushes, and figs don’t come from [and figs from…?] thorny weeds [thistles]. (Expanded Bible)

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